Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Disney Marathon 09'

My goal in January is to run a Marathon + every weekend. So far so good. Fat Ass 50k was January 4th, my slowest time yet, but a good run either way. Like I say, good friends always trump a sub par run. As for the Disney Marathon I will have to say ditto. The run started off well enough and I was on my way to a 3:35 marathon with the pace I had been keeping. Disney is not a terribly tough course except for the whole concrete and asphalt thing, the toughest part was the camber of the road. This became evident at about mile 18 when the wheels fell off. Now this phenomenon seems to have been the case for everyone, my wife, Scott D'Angelo, Rico Dorsey, Andrew Tate, Angela Harris all our friends that were there experienced the same thing. PAIN after mile 16. All of those for mentioned are experienced runners and this was a new experience. So I have to say that the concensus for Disney is that I will not bother again. I ran it in 04' did not care for it then and in 09' the rule is not the exception. (Made that one up)

Looking forward to the 30 miler on the AT, Mountain Mist and the 26hr run with my buddy Jon Obst for his 26th b-day. Should make for a great month.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fat Ass 50k

A sore disappointment. I have had bad days, I have had good days, but Yesterday was a really, really bad day. From the moment I started running I could not breathe, I could not keep pace and began to experience pain in my stomach area. This would last the entire run. Hamstrings and IT bands would be making an appearance as well. This just made the day! Now I could not keep heart rate, I could not physically run a good pace either. Oh well, I guess that is why they call it a "fun run". Fortunately for me all of our friends from GUTS were there and they were at least the "fun" part. Aside from the run, getting to see everyone for the first time this year was great. As always a well stocked aid station and an ice cold keg make every event just a little more special. Jen was there helping and did a little run herself for a bit. It also seems every time we go to an event we meet more people and acquire more friends. In the end the day it was not a total loss, good company always trumps a bad run.


HTFU you say? Lane is doing yoga? Yup, gave it a shot the other day and it seemed to help with my over used IT bands and my hamstrings. I never once thought I would be caught in a yoga class. Jennifer has tried to get me to go before and I refused. The thing is that I never thought it would do anything for me. Well, I was wrong. That s*#t works man. Either way I have to say I am pretty decent at it from the get go, I did not fall, I did not stumble and I did not stare at girls butts. Jen likes to do yoga in the very front, or maybe just the very front with me ;) Some of the poses were a bit strange but after doing them I could see where they were going and what body parts they were focusing on. I must say that I will probably continue on this yoga road and see where it takes me.