Monday, July 6, 2009

Badwater, T Minus 7 Days

I am officially Not Running the race, however am seriously stoked to be pacing friend Tony Portera through a wicked hot and grueling race. Hopefully next year I can get in and give er' a go. Jen and I are leaving for Vegas Saturday and meeting up with Tony and Wayne. Brian and Jeff are coming in from California and David is flying in late the morning of the race. As Tony stated we should have the most experienced crew support this race has ever seen. Brian K, winner Keys 100, Jen Vogel (my lovely wife) Keys 100 women's winner and 2nd place. David James winner Umstead 100, Ancient Oaks, 2nd place Coastal Challenge. Wayne Bates 100 mile vet, Jeff who I am not acquainted with but am sure is a hella good runner and yours truly. I can agree with Tony in his choice of willing and excited race crew. This will be an experience of a life time, and will hopefully foster great relationships for future endeavours. 135 miles through the middle of Death Valley straight up to the start of Whitney Portal, the highest mountain in the lower 48.