Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tetons day two

All is right in the world.... or at least here in the Grand Tetons at Grand Targhee resort. Today was a good day, we awoke after limited sleep due to an intense amount of light from the full moon and of course had coffee and such and headed out. We went straight up to the top of Freds (top o' the mountain) and sat around for a good bit at just over 10,000 feet and man were the views to die for. I can compare the ridge we were on to one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. I say they look like the dolomites up there, but I haven't been and could be wrong. Either way we had to finally come back down and blitzed the run through the steeps we had just power hiked up. We got to the bottom, got a bite, headed in t get clean and tried to figure out a way to bum a ride into town. As we headed back over to the lift chair base we met up with Joe Johnson and George Velasquez and managed to get a ride with their buddy Steve Holman who we also helped bring gear and race packets back to the lodge from Jay and Lisa's home. I am thinking in my head that its not really a good deed when you get more out of it than those who you helped...right? We have had the oppurtunity to enjoy the company of some very special, and amazing folks so far since being here and just getting to help them is more of an honor than a chore. So again I say as I enjoy this Snake River Pale Ale, All is right in the world......

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grand Targhee, Tetons landing, hike.

Tetons arrival, 9-02-09. Landed, took the $150 dollar car ride to the resort which is more like a ghost town and started out walking/hiking up the mountain.We now just need to figure out how to get some food by going back into town, and we have no vehicle. I may be trying to bum a car from my buddy Tony P. Most important is we need coffee for the morning. More pics, video to come. to post