Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tetons day two

All is right in the world.... or at least here in the Grand Tetons at Grand Targhee resort. Today was a good day, we awoke after limited sleep due to an intense amount of light from the full moon and of course had coffee and such and headed out. We went straight up to the top of Freds (top o' the mountain) and sat around for a good bit at just over 10,000 feet and man were the views to die for. I can compare the ridge we were on to one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. I say they look like the dolomites up there, but I haven't been and could be wrong. Either way we had to finally come back down and blitzed the run through the steeps we had just power hiked up. We got to the bottom, got a bite, headed in t get clean and tried to figure out a way to bum a ride into town. As we headed back over to the lift chair base we met up with Joe Johnson and George Velasquez and managed to get a ride with their buddy Steve Holman who we also helped bring gear and race packets back to the lodge from Jay and Lisa's home. I am thinking in my head that its not really a good deed when you get more out of it than those who you helped...right? We have had the oppurtunity to enjoy the company of some very special, and amazing folks so far since being here and just getting to help them is more of an honor than a chore. So again I say as I enjoy this Snake River Pale Ale, All is right in the world......

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grand Targhee, Tetons landing, hike.

Tetons arrival, 9-02-09. Landed, took the $150 dollar car ride to the resort which is more like a ghost town and started out walking/hiking up the mountain.We now just need to figure out how to get some food by going back into town, and we have no vehicle. I may be trying to bum a car from my buddy Tony P. Most important is we need coffee for the morning. More pics, video to come. to post

Monday, August 31, 2009

Team Vogel

After going so long now with out a web site for both Jennifer and myself, I finally gave in and built one just yesterday. This should help give us more broadcast out there in the "real world". This is a great platform to get the word out for great charities, sponsors and in general info for what we do in life. Check it out :

Grand Tetons 50 and 100 mile races

In two days we will be headed to the beautiful, pristine Teton mountains to race the Grand Tetons Trail Race. This race is put on by the great folks at Dream Chasers Events. In addition to being a great race, and spectacular scenery, we will get to see some great people as well. We are meeting up with our friend Sarah Thomsen, yep the mind behind Seriously Truly will be joining us for some fun runs in the magical Tetons. We will also be meeting up with Tony Portera, Bryon Powell, and my lovely wifes coach and true inspiration to us all Lisa Smith-Batchen. Lisa's husband Jay will also be there RD'ing and running! Along with all these folks, another inspirational lady will be there as well Sister MaryBeth Lloyd, aka: The Running Nun! Sister MaryBeth will be running again to raise awareness for Aids Orphans.

I will be running the 50 mile race and looking for a good time. A good time you say? Does that mean fast, or out to have fun? Well let me explain, I am not that fast but I do like to have a good time. I will be racing with a purpose, but will not let that get in the way of a good time. :)

My goal? Again, I am not a fast runner but I have actually been training. I have been accompanying Jen on all her long runs and most of the intermediate runs as well. Cycling, cross training and such should help. ( I have never actually trained this way before) With that said I am just hoping to break 9 hours. We will see what happens at the end of the day!

Jen will be running the 100 mile in search of a personal goal that I will keep to myself. She has been training hard as always, and I think she has a very good chance of doing what she and Lisa have set out to get her to do.
We both are so excited to get there and see everyone!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Badwater, T Minus 7 Days

I am officially Not Running the race, however am seriously stoked to be pacing friend Tony Portera through a wicked hot and grueling race. Hopefully next year I can get in and give er' a go. Jen and I are leaving for Vegas Saturday and meeting up with Tony and Wayne. Brian and Jeff are coming in from California and David is flying in late the morning of the race. As Tony stated we should have the most experienced crew support this race has ever seen. Brian K, winner Keys 100, Jen Vogel (my lovely wife) Keys 100 women's winner and 2nd place. David James winner Umstead 100, Ancient Oaks, 2nd place Coastal Challenge. Wayne Bates 100 mile vet, Jeff who I am not acquainted with but am sure is a hella good runner and yours truly. I can agree with Tony in his choice of willing and excited race crew. This will be an experience of a life time, and will hopefully foster great relationships for future endeavours. 135 miles through the middle of Death Valley straight up to the start of Whitney Portal, the highest mountain in the lower 48.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Actual Training

To think I have made it this far without an actual training plan, and or schedule. I have had my eyes opened for sure. Jen's performance in the Keys 100 will forever be burned into my memory. For one, I could not be more proud of such an accomplishment and two..I was there helping Jen for most of the training. Whether it was riding my Mtn bike next to her for 6 hours, or going with her for a track workout, I was there watching how much effort she was putting in. I now can appreciate all the hard work and sacrifice she made and so do applaud her. I however am not that disciplined and would like to also blame the fact that I am also busy. Hell, I started this blog and it's work keeping up with it, let alone all of the other "real" things I have to do. So time management is important, it is essential and I am going to need to get better at it or figure out a way to earn a living running and doing triathlons. So I guess I am needing better time management......

I actually have decided to start a more active training program and will be loosely following a rendition of what Jen did for the Keys 100 and Ironman. I will be needing to focus more on the running aspect of the two sports seeing that I have signed on for 1 24hr race, 1 Ironman distance, and 2 100 mile endurance runs. The Ironman and the 100's are back to back to back. Now my efforts are not just my sheer love of the sports, but my desire to also raise awareness for Getting 2 Tri foundation. G2t as we like to call it, creates grass-roots communities at the local level where individuals with a disability can integrate with running, swimming or cycling clubs, or triathlon clubs and certain civic organizations in support of our mission. They also offer sport camps that help physically challenged athletes with their given passion. Check out the site and donate if you can!

Here is a direct link:

Also if anyone would like to make a donation based on how many miles I can run at Hinson Lake 24hr we would be happy to accept a challenge! Now with all those expectations i had better get training right? Right! So my training began once I came home from the Keys 100 where I logged over thirty miles w/Jen in the heat. Good start right? After we arrived home I got in a few nice runs, nothing more than about two hours along with a few nice rides, some spinning, some track, and a couple workouts in the gym. Bring in sauna stretching, abs, jumping jacks and push-ups and we have a training schedule! Now, I just need to work everything else around this and we are good. Either way we now have a goal and the only way we can reach it is through hard training. I can't afford to go this deep without preparation, lets face it...Umstead 100 w/no training was a painful lesson. I learned my lesson, but still feel the repercussions.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Keys 100

The Keys 100 is a point to point starting at mile 101 in Key Largo Florida making it's way straight down US-1 all the way to Key West ending at mile marker 1. As everyone knows Florida is hot, Florida is humid and Florida has it's share of lousy drivers. All of these things are factors in the Keys 100, you just have to be able to keep the first two under control or the third factor will have you looking like road kill. In my humble opinion I would like to compare the Keys to Badwater. Many of the athletes running are training for Badwater and use this race as a warm up of sorts. For one you have the road, you have the heat, you have the cars and it is also a self supported race where you need crew. Training will only get you so far in a race like this, you must have a competent crew to get you through, let alone give you a win.

This was the second year for the race and the only major change was the fact that the race has tripled in size! Last year 19 starters, this year 65! (100 mile race) Bob Becker RD had also made some nice changes that kept the runners from having to switch sides of the road, this helped with not only safety but also length of time dodging traffic. As always, no aid or support on the 7 mile bridge makes for a long windy stretch, but no one seemed to mind to much. Well, maybe Brian Krogmann did, the races eventual winner told me "The 7 mile bridge can go to hell". Brian won this race in a blistering 16hr31mn, taking almost 7 hours off last years record time. Unreal, and surely a record that will no doubt stand for some time.

Now, getting down to our personal race report:

Jennifer trained like a machine for this race, she did everything her coach Lisa Smith told her to do. She ate the right foods, she ran all the runs, did all the cross training and all the speed work. Believe me, the mornings come early when you have to get up at 2am to go do speed work for six hours in 20 degree temperatures. Jen trained, I crewed, repeat day in and day out for nearly 6 months. All that hard work paid off in a women's victory and a second place overall finish for Jen. The race was an epic run from point a to point b, never before had I thought to compare a 100 mile foot race to a game of chess, but this is what it became. Early at the start of the race our plan was to have Jen start in the very back and take off slow maintaining her energy for the push at mile 70 or so. My plan after a briefing from Lisa Smith was to keep Jens competition within striking range once we got to mile 70. What would unfold was to be an incredible race strategy I will have to use in the future.

Jen began to get comfortable after mile ten where she picked up her first pacer Jon Obst, they ran for a good bit together and started to close the gap on some of the other runners who went out to fast. Most of the runners took off like a shot due to a lower 80 degree temp and low humidity at the start. This of course would not last. All the time they were running we were scouting the general condition of the runners ahead and making adjustments to Jens pace and our race plan. By the time mile 30 came around Jen was making her way into the top ten runners and moving along beautifully. Driving ahead and seeing how the others were doing was the most important aspect of the entire race, we could really get a feel for the competitions strong points and weaknesses. Once we had that down it was just a game of chess, at times we would shadow the runners ahead seemingly forcing them into a pace they could not maintain, thus pushing past them one at a time. By the time the 7 mile bridge appeared Jen had moved in to 4th place.

Jen and Scott D'Angelo ran the bridge together, Scott carrying three water bottles and the foods Jen would need to consume every half an hour. The bridge went well and we again were scouting up ahead the conditions of the runners as we were just now beginning to hunt. The bridge would come at the hottest part for the day and the asphalt that had just been freshly laid on the other side had been absorbing the sun the entire morning and afternoon. As Jen came off the bridge our crew star extraordinaire Sarah Thomsen had Jens nutrition down pat and we exchanged pacers and I once again ran with Jen for some time. It was now reaching 94 degrees and the black asphalt was scorching. After completing another section of running with Jen Jon jumped back in for what we were going to label the final push. Our plan had always included Jen making a hard push after mile 70, and funny enough it worked out exactly that way. Coming up the the next check in at mile 75 we started to trail the women's leader at this point and remained in her shadow until we could not hold back anymore. I gave the command for for an increase in pace and Jen and Jon responded with a forward run dropping nearly 1.5 minutes per mile to put some major distance between her and the competition.

It was just now starting to get dark and we needed to go more than ever now. Jens pace had stayed strong the entire day and our race plan/chess game was working beautifully. She was now in 3rd overall and 1st place woman, now we wanted to see how far we could go. Really, there was no way to even imagine getting close to Brian, but there was one guy ahead and i had been seeing his pace drop and he was starting to walk much more than before. At mile 88 it was time to take 2nd overall and Jen pushed past the last runner before the finish. The finish line was coming up fast and the lights of Key West were starting to glow just as I was, and had been all day watching my wife do something so amazing. Jen, Jon and I were running the last 10 miles in together and Scott and Sarah were going up ahead to meet us and run the last 1/2 mile in as a group. As the finish neared and we ran the longest mile in the history of man I was able to get Jen to run 9 minute miles to the end where we met our crew and all finished the race together. Yeah, she did 9 minute miles for the last "mile", which actually was 1.7 when we measured. He..he....

Jennifer finished in 19hr10mn, almost 4hours faster than last years winning time. She did the training , had the devotion and the drive to make this happen and I couldn't be more proud of her. She is truly amazing.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run.

Umstead. 100 Miles, check. Finished, check. Injured, check.

That is about the way I feel about it at this point. Umstead is a spectacular race with the absolute best race directors and volunteers you could ever wish for. Umstead is a moderate course with rolling hills that go from slight to a few that would be considered moderate/ steep. Either way it is a phenomenal race and a great race to get your feet wet. Last year I ran Umstead and DNF'd at mile 75. I entered again with the full intent of finishing no matter what. What I did not expect was to be on a wait list and not know if, or when I would get in. I got in though and was regretfully under trained, and in fact as some would say not trained at all. I would have to agree with my wife on that one. Either way, the following is a brief synopsis of how it all went down.

Friday, April 3rd.

Jen and I both have to work until noon and will head out after that. As we start the long journey to North Carolina we both can feel the irritation in our legs from such a long car ride. We were also slowed in our travels by a number of different obstacles either on the interstate or on the detours we inevitably had to take. One way or another we were going to get to Raleigh, and we were going to try and relax when we got there. As luck would have it our new freind Anthony Portera from New York was able to pick up my race bag at the pre- race meeting. We arrived in Raleigh and checked in to our hotel, had dinner and set the coffee for the morning. Off to bed to try and get some sleep.

Saturday, April 4th. Race Day.

Coffee, check. Chicken Sandwich, check. Clothes, gear, everything I need, check.
So now we are off and driving to the race start, as we pull into park we see a freind of our Ryan Jones from Pennsylvania. He will eventualy be top 5 in this race. Amazing dude I must say. I set my gear and get ready to toe the back of the line. No need in being up front, and no need to go out fast. Afterall, I did not train and had been instructed by my wife to take it very easy and go slow. Fire works and gun go off and we all shuffle into the dark waiting for the crowd to thin out and the sun to come up. Everything is going well and I am staying back and not moving to quick, wanting to keep my energy level high cause Im gonna need it in the end. Half way through the first lap I catch up to Tony Portera and beging to run with him for a bit. His coach, Lisa-Smith has him running slow the first lap. I stick with Tony for a few miles and then pull forward because the pace is starting to hurt a bit. I move out and keep going all the while feeling stronger adn stronger as I go. Everything is great all the way through mile 50 where I hit at about 9:30. Heck even through mile 62.5 I feel great except a small bit of pain in my right knee.

Miles 75-100.

At mile 75 I was fortunate to pick up Charlie as a pacer. Charlie has done over 100 marathons and is a coach for Galloway in VA beach. Charlie kept me going through the night and had great stories to tell the entire time. This is however when the pain sets in big time. The right knee is killing me and the blisters are hurting so bad I can barley walk. But walk I did and stumble i did. Either way, I was going to get to the finish. Walk, running or was just going to happen I said. Miles 87.5 to 100 were by far way, way harder than 85-100 in Pinhoti. I had actually never hurt that bad before that i just could barely walk. The end was near, and that is all I wanted, just to finish and be done with the race. Thank God for the volunteers, the others out there and my pacer Charlie, I needed all of you for sure. Finishing in 26:14 I was happy to finish but my inner self still wanted to break 24hrs. Well, maybe next race.

Finish Video

Long Time no Write

I guess a lot can happen in a few months, in the month of February for example I went to Florida to do a 12hr bike race, Jen, , Jon, Andrew and Bryce all competed in Ironhorse in some distance each. Scott D'Angelo and I crewed, as well as Bryce crewing w/Jon after running the 100k.March was also a busy month as well, Jen, myself and Scott D'Angelo all went to Mississippi to do the MS50. This would be Scott's first leap into the 50 category, he just recently done his first 50k, Pemberton. So I am going to try and do a re cap of all those races in the next few days and make an effort to journal all these happenings. Also, since it is most fresh in my memory I will update my Umstead 100 post!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ironhorse 100k, 100mile

Two days to go. Jen and Bryce are running the 100k. Jon and Andrew are running the 100 mile. The 100 has a strict 24hr limit and it will be a tough one. The course will be about as good as they come but things always happen on a long run. I am looking forward to this race, to hang with friends and to wathc my wife kick some serious assssss! More later....

Sebring 12/24hr Bike Race

Intro: A 12 or 24 hr cycling race in Sebring Florida Starting on the infamous Sebring Race track. 3 loops before sun up and an 89 mile out and back totaling 102 miles, then as many miles that can be had on an 11 mile loops up to 5:30 p.m. Then its the track from there......

What a great idea I thought as Jen told me about this race. I have been in need of a race like this and what better way than to involve my parents as well. Sebring happens to be very close to where I grew up, and in fact we love to go watch the races there. Boy, could I tell some stories!! Either way, I was in for my first ultra-cyclying event, which would pan out exactly like I had imagined. Well, mostly except for the wind.

Race morning began with my usual coffee and breakfast, I then drove to the race start at 4:59a.m. and arrived with enough time to get checked in, tour the "facilities" and line up at the start. The race began promptly at 6:30a.m. in the wee hours before daylight, but everyone else had lights, I did not. We started off quick, 22+ mph in the beginning on the track and it would just get faster from there. We all headed out onto the main roads just as the sun arose and this was a fast bunch of people. I got into the second group of riders as the first (likely cat1 or cat2) took off at nearly 30mph. We settled into 23-26mph with multiple people taking the turn on the pull, all the RAAM qualifiers were on there own, but some of these guys were doing 30 by themselves!

The ride was going well, very well up to mile 80 for me. I was on a 4:20 or so century ride pace and then I slipped back, lost the group and could not catch them. I tried, floundered and was then on my own! This was not a bad thing I guess, this paired me up with the elements, the struggle and the pain. Mile 80- 102 were very windy, very hot, and very long but I decided then I would ride this race by myself from here on out.

The head wind would begin around 10a.m. and would not cease the entire ride. 25mph winds at either your face, or your sides and for two brief 2 miles sections at your back. This was to be my struggle for the rest of the day! 8 loops on the 11 mile course and a finish with two on the track as cool down. My Astrale 8 says I logged 203.17 miles, the results show 200.6, I believe my computer, it is always right so.........

This was a doozie, a new challenge and a great experience that I will forever remember, and probably do again next year. So...Cheers to all that raced and to those who will race next year.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Disney Marathon 09'

My goal in January is to run a Marathon + every weekend. So far so good. Fat Ass 50k was January 4th, my slowest time yet, but a good run either way. Like I say, good friends always trump a sub par run. As for the Disney Marathon I will have to say ditto. The run started off well enough and I was on my way to a 3:35 marathon with the pace I had been keeping. Disney is not a terribly tough course except for the whole concrete and asphalt thing, the toughest part was the camber of the road. This became evident at about mile 18 when the wheels fell off. Now this phenomenon seems to have been the case for everyone, my wife, Scott D'Angelo, Rico Dorsey, Andrew Tate, Angela Harris all our friends that were there experienced the same thing. PAIN after mile 16. All of those for mentioned are experienced runners and this was a new experience. So I have to say that the concensus for Disney is that I will not bother again. I ran it in 04' did not care for it then and in 09' the rule is not the exception. (Made that one up)

Looking forward to the 30 miler on the AT, Mountain Mist and the 26hr run with my buddy Jon Obst for his 26th b-day. Should make for a great month.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fat Ass 50k

A sore disappointment. I have had bad days, I have had good days, but Yesterday was a really, really bad day. From the moment I started running I could not breathe, I could not keep pace and began to experience pain in my stomach area. This would last the entire run. Hamstrings and IT bands would be making an appearance as well. This just made the day! Now I could not keep heart rate, I could not physically run a good pace either. Oh well, I guess that is why they call it a "fun run". Fortunately for me all of our friends from GUTS were there and they were at least the "fun" part. Aside from the run, getting to see everyone for the first time this year was great. As always a well stocked aid station and an ice cold keg make every event just a little more special. Jen was there helping and did a little run herself for a bit. It also seems every time we go to an event we meet more people and acquire more friends. In the end the day it was not a total loss, good company always trumps a bad run.


HTFU you say? Lane is doing yoga? Yup, gave it a shot the other day and it seemed to help with my over used IT bands and my hamstrings. I never once thought I would be caught in a yoga class. Jennifer has tried to get me to go before and I refused. The thing is that I never thought it would do anything for me. Well, I was wrong. That s*#t works man. Either way I have to say I am pretty decent at it from the get go, I did not fall, I did not stumble and I did not stare at girls butts. Jen likes to do yoga in the very front, or maybe just the very front with me ;) Some of the poses were a bit strange but after doing them I could see where they were going and what body parts they were focusing on. I must say that I will probably continue on this yoga road and see where it takes me.